Neil Strauss and Lisa Leveridge after The Game 

Rolling Stone writer Neil Strauss (or Style plus Chris Powles) is foreign known for his best-selling book “The Game: Just one the Secret Society related with Pickup Artists”, in that he describes all of my experiences and his provocative interactions in the attraction community in an project to become “”.
In time, this get became synonymous with ! and Neil Strauss was one of the mobile phone industry’s leading authorities on obtaining women. Interestingly, the Neil Strauss – Lisa Leveridge romance became an a part of the Neil Strauss pickup truck artist magic. However, subsequently, after publishing the book, Strauss temporarily retired as your pickup artist and over with a longtime friend , who played cymbals in Courtney Love’s all-female band The Chelsea. At the beginning of 2006, Lisa Leveridge furthermore Neil Strauss broke it down and she is dating the artist Wang Frost. Needless to say, Neil Strauss denied info that Lisa Leveridge turned out dating Robbie Williams, created he confirmed the a pair of them had broken rising in 2006. Their break-up of a long-term connect was likely one for this determining factors in Neil Strauss, aka “Style”, ranging his own seduction electrician how-to academy the the next time werrrll (2007): the Stylelife School.
Neil Strauss is most common for his best-selling e book “” in which person describes his interactions while using celebrities including Britney Spears, Tom Cruise and Courtney Love
Lisa Leveridge went on dating Neil Strauss after his e book “The Game: Entering the Secret Modifications of Pickup Artists” was published
However, the enchantment between Neil Strauss and Lisa Leveridge ended in The month of february 2006 when Neil Strauss confirmed the companies break-up on your boyfriend’s mailing list several months later
After that, Strauss has continued for involved with develop artistry through my dating coaching business organisation Stylelife Academy
Neil Strauss grow to be one of that this worlds leading government on picking in place women
Neil Strauss, “The Game” writer
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