Get an adrenalin rush with playing scary games

Are you looking for some scary games that will turn your boring time into exciting time? If so, read the following suggestions about the different kinds of friv games that you can play at home.

Scary card games

There is a variety of card games based on scary stories. For an example, “Vampires Diaries Card Game” is an extremely good card game based on the TV show “Vampires Diaries”. It is simple for playing. As a player, you have to collect each character of the TV show. So, you can use various cards to protect your character cards or to take card from the other player. The first player, who has collected all character cards and the special Elena/Katherine cards, wins. Sounds fun right?

Scary board games

These games are suitable for scary – themed parties because they are generally designed for group play. So, if you want to play scary board game with your friends, try the “Ouija Board”. This game is a classic. Since its appearance until today it’s one of the scariest board games ever. The game is about talking to spirits from another dimension.

How to play this game? Well, playing the free unblocked games is easy. All players sit around the board. They should place their fingers on the message indicator. Then, one of the players asks a question loudly and waits to see the answer. It’s very important to know that you can ask questions that require yes or no answer. Once you do that, your answer will be revealed through the indicator’s movement (where the indicator stops, the answer is shown through the message window).

I have to inform you that some experts think that performing “Ouija Board” is really dangerous. The expert Jill Stefko points out that this game can open the gate of other dimensions.

Scary video games

Playing scary video games is the best option when you are alone and you need adrenalin rush. These often present disturbing scenes and horrifying characters. As a player, you have to deal with different creatures such as zombies, ghosts, serial killers and so on. If you want to continue with the game, you have to find solution to get rid of them. So, this means that you are the one you is responsible for your safety and the safety of the others (if you are protecting somebody in the game).

If you want to try a really scary football heads unblocked game, try to play the game “Silent Hill”. In the game you’ll performing the role of an everyday man who is making an efforts to find his child. If you want to see yourself as a winner in the game, you have to deal with scary characters that move toward your way. The thing that makes this game so creepy is the sound played in the background such as the radio sound that plays every time enemy comes on your way.

Depending on your wishes and choices, try to find the type of game that will fit you best. Have fun and enjoy in the excitement this genre offers.

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