4GB new file size limit for Android App Developers

Earlier, Android application developers have seen tough time when experienced to restrict their database development to 50 MB file size. Now, they can have a sigh of relief as Google has increased the file size limit to maximum 4 GB. Before, if developers had an application larger than the limit, they had to put remaining files over their server. This concept was not consistent because the users stay uninformed about the only problem application size before they can download it.

Another issue was the fifteen minute refund period often got over to be the limit time for application starts as soon to be the application is downloaded from market while the remaining files always took extra time to get download for the developer’s server.

So, Google finally bought cheerful news for the Android developers in the form of increased file size limit upto 4 GB. However, the constraint to original APK will be 50 MB as it was before this announcement. Though, developers can now attach 2 expansion files (each 2 GB) on Android Market servers which were previously not possible.

Google made this useful decision to provide handiness to app developers as well as to bring transparency in the deal of application purchase and download. With the new development, users can now foresee the actual scale the application and its extension files before downloading or buying an task.

Android application developers depend on the freedom to create high quality applications without bothering about file size. Additionally, developers can now add heavy 3D and HD content their own Android applications. Thus, developers can now create beautiful High definition applications without worrying about its machine. Another advantage of the Google’s announcement is that developer scan now host their extra files on the net server which undoubtedly faster than any other nodes.

Users can also feel comfortable as they can now install the application very speedily on their device and the fifteen minute refund limit will also not commence until the application is fully downloaded on users system. Also, the download and update process can run in the background which was not possible before. Now, users can get much superior and exclusive applications in the Android market now Google Play the game of.

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